2017: 06(03)


Inner Cover, Contents 2017 06(03)

Dalkıran, G. B.

The Support Of Women Work Within Cooperative Enterprises: Sample Of Turkey

Research Article1-11 

Yücel, D.

Women Poverty And Women In Secondary Labor

Research Article 12-21 

Gündüz, H. I., Tıraşoğlu, M., Esenyel, N. M.

Is The Random Walk Hypothesis Valid For Fragile Economies In Toruism Sector?

Research Article 22-29 

Kartal, M. T., Yüksel, S.

An Examination On The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) In Terms Of Turkish Banking Sector

Research Article 30-41 

Esenyel, N. M.,

Testing Of Energy Convergence Hypothesis In Turkey: Unit Root Analysis With Structural Breaks

Research Article 42-52 

Özhan, Ş., Altuğ, N.

The Adaptation Of Nostalgia Prononess Scale Into Turkish, Reliability And Validity Study

Research Article 53-66 

Ersoy, N.

Decision Making Process For Personnel Selection Under Fuzzy Environment

Research Article 67-75 

Çetin, O., Taşdemir, Ö.

The Impact Of Entrepreneurial Capacity And Personal Innovativeness On Entrepreneurial Intention

Research Article 76-87 

Timur, B., Çağlayan Akay, E.

Analysis Of The Factors Affecting The Happiness Of Women And Men Using The Generalized Ordered Logit Model

Research Article 88-105 

Dinçer, S. E., Ekin, E., Karakaş, K. S.

Promethee Yöntemiyle Uçak Komponentlerinin Önceliklendirilmesi Problemlerine Çözüm Yaklaşımı

Research Article 106-125 

Altaş, D., Arıkan, G.

The Analysis Of Human Development Index With Cluster Analysis Techniques

Research Article 126-138 

Köse Özelçi, R.

Istanbul Finds Its Tongue: Leave Or Stay! Escape From Is/Tan/Bul

Research Article 139-148 

Aliefendioğlu, Y., Kaykaç, S.

The Establishment Of A Revolving Fund In The Real Estate Sector The Effects Of The State Budget In Terms Of Examination

Research Article 149-172 

Demir, B., Wolff, R. A.

The Effect Of The Growth Strategy Of The Characteristics Of Upper Echelon: Mediating Role In The Growht Strategy Of The Upper Echelon

Research Article 173-198 

Güriş, S., Çağlayan Akay, E., Ün, T., Kızılarslan, Ş.

Re-Investigation Of Financial Failure With Multivariate Probit Model: Istanbul Stock Exchange Application

Research Article 199-210

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