2017: 06(04)


Inner Cover, Contents 2017 06(04)

Arabacı, H.

Economicpoliciesapplied In Turkeyafter The Global Crisis

Research Article 1-10 

Konyalı, S.

Sunflower Production, Consumption, Foreign Trade And Agricultural Policies In Turkey

Research Article 11-19 

Yalcinkaya Koyuncu, J., Unver, M.

The Association Between Corruption And Globalization In African Countries

Research Article 20-28 

Baş, R.

A Regulation Analysis On The Protection Of Financial Consumers: The Banking Product And Service Costs Regulation Example

Research Article 29-44 

Salha, H., Cinnioğlu, H., Yazıt, H.

Effects Of Psychological Contract Breach Perceptions Of Personnel Employed In Food & Beverage Enterprises Over Burnout Levels: Tekirdağ Example

Research Article 45-58 


The Evaluation Of Application Level Of Constructivist Approach For Turkish Lessons In The Secondary School (Sample Of Zonguldak City)

Research Article 59-69 

Esen, M. F.

Approaches To Insider Trading

Research Article 70-82 

Acaray, A., Günsel, A.

Examining Of The Relationship Between Motivation, Emotional Labor, Emotional Dissonance And Intensity Of Interaction: A Study On A Publıc Institute Employees

Research Article 83-98 

Koyuncu, C., Işcan, I. H.

Does Intelligence Enhance Labor Productivity? Cross-Country Evidence

Research Article 99-115 

Kubaş, A.

Industrialization And Environmental Management In Tekirdağ

Research Article 116-121 

Guvercin, D.

How Terrorist Attacks Affect Voter Turnout Rate In Turkey: Regional Analysis?

Research Article 122-136

Orkunoğlu Şahin, I. F.

R&D Tax Incentive System In Some Selected Countries

Research Article 137-148 

Erciyes, E.

Theory And Social Inquiry

Research Article 149-156 

Kubaş, A.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem And Education In Thrace Region

Research Article


Dalkiran, G. B.

Trakya Region As A Health Tourism Destination

Research Article 162-178 

Tuğan, N. H.

Costume And Make-Up In Cinema Iconography

Research Article 179-190 

Gökçe, E.

The Soldier Registering To The Asakir-I Mansure-I Muhammediye (Hamid Province And Isparta Disctrict Matter)

Research Article 191-213 

Aytaç, A.

The Relationship Of Economic Growth - Export : Case Of Turkey 2001- 2016

Research Article 214-222 

Gönenç Güler, E., Akdoğan, Ç., Yakar, G.

Perceptions And Attitudes Of University Students Towards Urban Brand Image: An Application In Edirne

Research Article 223-243 

Albayrak, A.

Women And Family At Gökalp

Research Article 244-252 

Özoran, B. A.

Chaos: Is A Risk Or An Opportunity For Organizations

Research Article 253-269

Doğan, S., Girgin, M. S.

Flexicurity Model In Labour Markets And The Effects Of Market Instruments On Employment

Research Article 270-286 

Demir, B.

The Effects Of Strategic Management Practices And Risk Perception On Competitive Advantage

Research Article 287-297 

Atay, R.

Title: The Thought World Of An Ottoman Intellect: “Life As It Is” With Krikor Zohrab

Research Article 298-309 

Teber, Ö. F., Öz, A. G.

An Example Of Ideological Differantation In The Kharijites: Al-Ajarida, It’s Rise, Views And Spread!

Research Article 310-318 

Yörük, E.

Discourse, Representation, Agency And Narrative: A Critique Of The New Poverty Literature

Research Article 319-330 

Geçkil, T., Koçyiğit, N.

The Relationship Between On Organızational Democracy With Psychological Capital: A Research On Hotel Businesses

Research Article 331-346 

Özden, M., Erbay, E. R.

Is The Existence Of Democracy A Precondition For The Economic Development? 

Research Article 347-358 

Demirkol, C., Azabagaoglu, M. Ö.

Analysis Of Business Structures On Capacity Usage In Determining Encountered Problems Of Red Meat Industry In Turkey

Research Article 359-369

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