2018: 07(01)


Inner Cover, Contents 2018 07(01)

Demirci, S., Kodalak, B.

Function And Effectiveness Of Gold Reserves In Monetary Policies Of Turkish Central Bank And Brics Countries’ Central Banks – Comparative Analysis

Research Article 01-21 

Istanbullu, S.

A Mınstrel School In Kayserı: Mınstrels Cafe

Research Article 22-30 

Öztürk Samur, A., Inal Kızıltepe, G.

Investigation Of Children’s Playgrounds In Aydın Province

Research Article 31-46 

Oktar, S., Yildirim, A.

Indebtedness As A Financing Method Of State And Its Impact On Economic Indicators: A Study On India

Research Article 47-54 

Dinçer, S. E., Demir, E.

The Analysis Of Regional Socio Development Level Of The Cities In Turkey By Vikor Method Approach From Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods

Research Article 55-75 

Demiral, N.

European Union: From E-Government To Digital Union

Research Article 76-85 

Demir, B.

The Effects Of Competitive And Innovative Entrepreneurship On Growth Strategıes

Research Article 86-96 

Yaşar, Y., M. G. Diken, N.

Verdict Analysis: Assessment Of The Difference Between Conscious Negligence And Dolus Eventualis

Research Article 97-113 

Orçanlı, K., Birgören, Burak, Oktay, E.

Application Of Hotelling T² And Mewma Control Charts To The Proportions Of Metal Alloy In The Casting Process

Research Article 114-135 

Güriş, S., Yaman, B.

Analysis With Panel Data Models Of Factors Affecting Unemployment In Oecd Countries

Research Article 136-146 

Kurtaran, U.

Sultan Ii. A Research On The Hunt Of Mustafa

Research Article 147-166

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