2018: 07(02)


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Baykal, T.

Administrative Power In Relation To Power And Press

Research Article 1-17 

Akduğan, U., Doğan, S.

The Effects Of Real Exchange Rate Changes On Balance Of Payments In Turkey After Customs Union

Research Article 18-40 

Çağlayan Akay, E.

A New Horizon In Econometrics: Big Data And Machine Learning

Research Article 41-53 

Baykal, B., Baykal, H., Özbey, M.

A Critical Approach To First Ottoman General Election Practices From Legal Perspective

Research Article 54-67 

Demir, B.

A Research On The Effects Of R & D Based Innovation Activities And Strategic Human Resource Management On Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Research Article 68-81 

Çil, N., Yildirim Tiraşoğlu, B.

Validity Of Purchasing Power Parity In Fragile Five Countries: The Bayesyen Unit Root Analysis

Research Article 82-90 

Demir, B., Akduman, G., Hatipoğlu, Z.

A Research On The Effects Of Organızational Culture And Performance Appraisal System Satisfaction On Intent To Leave Work

Research Article 91-106 

Demir, B., Akduman, G., Hatipoğlu, Z.

The Role Of Ethical Leadership Perception In The Relationship Between Organizational Trust And Work Engagement 

Research Article 107-125 

Acarer, T.

Vhf Epirb Cihazı Ile Ilgili Gmdss Mevzuatının Incelenmesi Ve Alternatif Mevzuat Önerileri

Research Article 126-150 

Baykal, T., 

Strategic Management And Strategic Planning For Efficiency And Effectiveness In Organizations

Research Article 151-160 

Baykal, T., Dikme, H., Karacan, R.

Causality Analysis Of The Relationship Between Housing Costs And Housing Supply In Turkey In Terms Of Public Housing Policies

Research Article 161-171 

Kutbay, H.

Effects Of Informal Employment On Tax Revenue

Research Article 172-189 

Baykal, T.

First Elections In Turkey And Its Legal Basis

Research Article 190-205 

Arslan, S., Çinko, L.

Size Of Turkish Carpets Carpet Trade Of Turkey In The Framework Of Economic Development

Research Article 206-213 

Baykal, T., Baykal, H., Özbey, M.

Reflections Of 1919 Elections In The Turkish Press

Research Article 214-229 

Türkmendağ, T., Türkmendağ, Z., Hassan, A.

Determination Of The Relationship Between Marketing Education And Marketing Ethics In Tourism: A Case Study Of Ataturk University Tourism Faculty

Research Article 230-245 

Ekin, E.,  Akdoğan, Ö. Ç.

Backgammon Game Application With Artificial Neural Network And Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithm

Research Article 246-261 

Aydar, Ö.

A Different Approach To Discussions On Ottoman Relations Of Production: The Case Of Hikmet Kıvılcımlı

Research Article 262-276

Demiral, B., Evin, H.

Solid Waste Management In Malatya: Effects On Local Environmental Policies Of Urbanization

Research Article 277-295 

Yıldız, K., Yıldız, S.

Qualifications Of Pedagogical Formation Education Students Within The Framework Of National Qualifications For Higher Education In Turkey

Research Article 296-314 

Akyürek, R., 

Musical Elements Belonging To Aegean Region Tahtacı: Nefes And Semah, Examples City In Aydın

Research Article 315-321

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