2018: 07(03)


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Orçanlı, K., Oktay, E., Birgören, B.

Determination of the Factors Affecting Awareness Perception in Winter Sports Centers: The Case of Erzurum Province

Research Article 1-19 

Meydan Yıldız, S. G.

The Role of Women Entrepreneurship in Eco-City Planning Model

Research Article 20-31 

Koyuncu, C., Unver, M.

Is There a Long-run Association between Globalization and Labor Productivity?: Panel Evidence from OECD Countries

Research Article 32-41 

Turan, M.

Turkey’s New Government System: Presidency Government System

Research Article 42-91 

Yalçınkaya Koyuncu, J., Ünal, H. S.

Is There any Long-term Association Between Tax Evasion and Human Development? Evidence from OECD Countries

Research Article 92-101 

Yener, S.

The Role of Theory in Social Sciences

Research Article 102-113 

Kubaş, A.

Innovation Supports Applied in Turkey

Research Article 114-119 

Urfalioğlu, F., Tanriverdi, İ.

Comparison and Estimated of Inflation with Regression Analyse and Anfis

Research Article 120-141 

Güneş, H. N.

The Family in Feminist Movements

Research Article 142-153 

Hatipoğlu, Z., Akduman, G.

Mutluluk ve İşe İlişkin Duyuşsal İyilik Algısına Yönelik Ülkeler Bazında Karşılaştırmalı Bir Araştırma

Research Article 154-172 

Gönenç Güler, E., Değirmendereli, B.

Marketing Activities of Fruit Soap Organizations in Edirne

Research Article 173-186 

Wolff, R. A., Yildiz, D.

Developments in Logistic Management in Turkey: A Strategic Point of View

Research Article 187-198 

Atay, R.

27th May 1960 Military Coup According to Sebilurreşad Journal

Research Article 199-209 

Karahan, G., Eyüboğlu, E.

The Relationship Between Subjective Wellbeing and Job Related Affective Wellbeing in Organizational Communication: A Field Research on Cabin Officials of Airline Companies in Turkey

Research Article 210-232

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