2018: 07(04)


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Menteş, A.

The Glass Ceiling Problem in Turkish Banking Sector

Research Article 01-08 

Uysal, H. T., Kayhan, M. G.

The Effect of Personality Types A and B to the Alacrity for Job Embeddedness from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Perspective

Research Article 09-23 

Hüsnüoğlu, N.

The Relationship Between Hazelnut Production and Prices in Turkey: ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

Research Article 24-41 

Kubaş, A.

Vocational Training for Adults with Social Assistance in Poverty Reduction

Research Article 42-46 

Altaş, D., Giray Yakut, S., Yorulmaz, Ö.

Analysis of Companies That Allocate Budget to Research and Development With Multivariate Statistical Techniques

Research Article 47-54 

Azabağaoğlu, Ö., Ceylan, O.

Investigating Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Losses at Contemporary Food Retailers

Research Article 55-62 

Yılmaz, R.

The Contribution of ICT to Poverty Reduction: A Panel Data Evidence

Research Article 63-75 

Özden, M., Erbay, E. R.

Global Citizenship: An Uncertainty or A Chance?

Research Article 76-81 

Uğurlu, H.

The Differences in Creating Rhythm in TV Series

Research Article 82-89 

Bağdatli Kalkan, S.

Clustering of Turkey’s Provinces According to Women Representation: Optimal Scaling Based Clustering Analysis Approach

Research Article 90-98 

Tetik, S., Akkaya, B.

A Research on Emotion Management Skillsof Youngs in Universty

Research Article 99-121 

Yılmaz, G.

Presented Macro Trends for Customer Expectations in Five Star Hotels in Istanbul

Research Article 122-133 

Şehirli, Y. A.

Metaphorical Perceptions of Preschool Teacher Candidates About the Concept Of Coup

Research Article 134-148 

Kubaş, A.

Investment Decision Process of Entrepreneurs

Research Article 149-154 

Karakuş, G., Karşigil, E., Polat, L.

A Research on Environmental Sustainability Practices in the Aviation Sector

Research Article 155-171 

Arabacı, H., Çavdar, F.

The Importance of Basic Financial Statements Analysis In Effective Tax Auditing

Research Article 172-1782 

Yetkin, G. B.

“Ball” In The Russian Culture And Literature With The Example Of Pushkin’s Yevgeny Onegin

Research Article 183-196 

Oraman, Y., Azabagaoglu, M. Ö.

Marketing Strategies Followed by FMGC Companies and Suggestions for Better Brand Position in Turkey

Research Article 197-203 

Pancaroğlu, M., Kumkale, İ.

Customer Relatıonship Management in Providing Competitive Advantage: An Application in Insurance Field

Research Article 204-218 

Sari, S.

Causal Relatıonshıp Between Exchange Rate And Interest Rates: 2006-2018

Research Article 218-230 

Oraman, Y., Azabagaoglu, M. Ö.

Customer Club Membership Cards Management In Contemporary Food Retailers

Research Article 231-239

Birsen, H.

Silver Surfers and New Media: Experiences, Thoughts and Observations of Elder People About Internet

Research Article 240-254 

Erbay, E. R., Özden, M.

What Is The Role of Cities to Achieve Sustainable Goals?

Research Article 255-268 

Altunok, E. Ç., Altaş, D., Kiraç, D.

Using Propensity Score Method in Multi Level Studies

Research Article 269-282 

Birsen, Ö.

Transforming radio, changing listener

Research Article 283-290 

Uzun Aydın, D.

The Evaluation of Dancing or Ballet in the Works of Our Sculptors Working Figurative

Research Article 291-314

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