2019: 08(01)


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Çiçekli, A.

Public Sphere Struggle Of Women “Who Are The Project Of Lady Of The House And Mother Of The Children”

Research Article 01-14 

Bekcan, U.

The 1956 Hungarian Uprising From The Soviet Perspective: A Western-Backed Counter-Revolution Attempt

Research Article 15-23 

Sağlam, Y.

The Causality Between International Trade And Tourism Demand For Brict Countries

Research Article 24-33 

Yılmaz, F., Kumkale, I.

Evaluation Of Generic Strategies In Iso 1000 Enterprises1

Research Article 34-53 

Gilanli, E., Çetin, O., Altuğ, N.

The Influence Of Information Sharing And Logistics Integration On Time To Market In Supply Chain

Research Article 54-60 

Karakul, Ö.,

A Holistic Approach To Conservation Of Historic Environments In Theory And Practice

Research Article 61-78 

Wolff, A., Demir, G.

The Relationship Between The Interactive Face Of Paternalistic Leadership And Organizational Self-Esteem

Research Article 79-88 

Teber, Ö. F., Çalkan, R.

Tevella And Teberra In Alawitan-Baktashi Nefes

Research Article 89-96 

Ceylan, A., Uslu, I.

Comparative Review Of The International Migration Approaches Of Parties Inthe General Elections Of June 7, 2015

Research Article 97-114 

Demir, Z.

The Effect Of Spatial Planning On Physical Activity And Walkability: Bursa Cumhuriyet And Atatürk Streets

Research Article 115-124

Çakmakkaya, B., Batur, N.

Total Quality Management In Prosecutor Investigation Offices As A Solution To Workload

Research Article 128-141 

Şahin, B. E.

A Research On The Contribution Of Multi-Storey Car Parks On Urban Life

Research Article 142-167 

Menteş, S. A.

Finansal Tabana Yayilma Araci Olarak Finansal Teknoloji Şirketleri

Research Article 168-175 

Uğurlu, G.

Trying To Understand The Taste Of Cherry Via Semiological Analysis

Research Article 176-188 

Yilmaz, R., Yalçinkaya Koyuncu, J.

Asymmetric Effect Of Globalization On The Interest Rates On External Debt: The Case Of Turkey

Research Article 189-193 

Taşseven, Ö., Saracel, N., Yilmaz, N.

Determinants Of Trade Balance For Turkey: Ardl Based Bounds Testing Approach

Research Article 194-208 

Güler, S. B., Demiralay, T., Minasli, A. V.

Impact Of Organizational Culture On Organizational Alienation Behaviours

Research Article 209-222 

Çağatay, S., Aliefendioğlu, Y.

Land Acquisition Process In Metal Mining Activities: Erzincan Province, Iliç District, Çöpler Gold Mine

Research Article 223-241

Karhan, G., Yenişehirlioğlu, E.

Econometric Review To The Relationship Between Finance And Tourism Sector

Research Article 242-248 

Koyuncu, C., Ünal, H. S.

The Importance Of The Payment Methods On The Size Of The Shadow Economy: Cross- Country Evidence

Research Article 249-258 

Öztürk, Y.

The Process Of Institutionalization In The Ottoman State Municipalities: Early Period And Tanzimat

Research Article 259-272 

Taşkin, C., Turanli, M.

Tfrs 9 And Modelling Probability Of Default

Research Article 273-284

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