2019: 08(02)


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Güriş, S.

Econometric Literacy

Research Article 01-10 

Saracel, N.

The Cases Revealing The Termination of The Employment Contracts In Terms of Collective Labor Relations

Research Article 11-20 

Akbaş, M. E.

Neoliberalism, Global Energy Sector and Privatization In Electricity Sector on Selected Countries

Research Article 21-43 

Taşseven, Ö.

CAMELS Analysis of The Domestic and Private Banks in Turkey

Research Article 44-63 

Çelik, R.

Techno-Optimism and Techno-Pessimism in The Knowledge-Gap Hypothesis

Research Article 64-76 

Bölükbaş, M.

Inflation Current Account Deficit and Banking Sector Credits In Turkey: A Research for The Period 2006-2018

Research Article 77-92 

Işik, A., Akbaş, E.

Gender Based Approach to The Marital Life of The Families Having Children with Special Needs

Research Article 93-110 

Boyacioğlu, E.

A Study on Determination of Local Residents Perception and Attitudes towards The Impact of Bulgarian and Greek Visitors in Edirne

Research Article 111-125 

Yılmaz, O. D.

The Comperative Analysis of the Concept of Euthanasia in regard to Teleology, Deontology and Meta-Ethic

Research Article 126-142

Sezer, D., İşcanoğlu-Çekiç, A.

Impact of Low Price Effect On Risk-Return Performances of Stocks: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange

Research Article 143-152 

Yalçınkaya Koyuncu, J., Ünal, H. S.

The Effect of Legal System and Protection of Property Rights on The Size of The Tax Evasion: Panel Analysis

Research Article 153-165

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