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Özşen, D.

The Law of Pproportions in Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek Sculpture: Grid (Grid System) and Canon

Research Article 1646-1656 

Suiçmez, M.

The Reflectıon of The Korean War on Hürrı̇yet Newspaper in The Bipolar World

Research Article 1657-1679 

Aka, S. 

Mobility and Multi-perspectived Openness in The Artistic Practice of Hüseyin B. Alptekin

Research Article 1680-1686 

Kılıç, B. S. S. P.

A Review of The Movie “Pieces of a Woman” in Terms of Traumatic Loss and Complicated Grief

Review Article 1687-1694 

Yılmaz, E., Pakoğlu, A.

Death and Beyond in Fahreddin Râzî

Research Article 1695-1702 

Kara, G., Ocak, H. E.

Chronicles Interwoven: New Historicism in The White Castle and A Mercy: The Perception of Time

Research Article 1703-1710 

Semiz, T.

Social Media Use in Healthcare Institutions: A Study on JCI-Certified Healthcare Institutions

Research Article 1711-1720 

Kurtçu, G.

Harmonic Analysis of Musa Süreyya Bey's Piano Accompanied Tonal Pieces

Research Article 1721-1731 

Uygun Aytemiz, B.

Under the Shadow of Skyscrapers: Reflections from Peride Celal’s “Çukur”

Research Article 1732-1738 

Bölükbaşı, M.

Dimensions of Party Institutionalization in Turkey: Continuity and Organizational Strength

Research Article 1739-1748 

Irmak, E.

Logistics Dimension of Industry 4.0: Information Technologies

Research Article 1749-1759 

Boztepe Mutlu, P.

Current Approaches Focused in Photography Art: Soil Chromatoraphic and Chlorophyll Printing Processes

Research Article 1760-1769 

Erben Yavuz, A.

Determining the Financial Factors Affecting Bank Profitability: A NASDAQ Example

Research Article 1770-1779 

Uçar, S., Maral, H. A.

Viola Organista as an Early Period Example of Musical Instrument Design in the Context of Bricolage

Research Article 1780-1791 

Şeylan, S.

With in the Context of Historical Documentary: Perseverance of Nation

Research Article 1792-1798 

Yalçın, M.

Bibliometric Analysis on Artificial Intelligence and Emotions in the Context of Interpersonal Communication

Research Article 1799-1810 

Ağır, B.

A Feminist Comparison of Henry James’ Washington Square and Agnieszka Holland’s Film Adaptation

Research Article 1811-1820 

Yılmaz, Z., Ersöz, H., Erdem, C.

The Impact of External Debt and Interest on Economic Development: The Case of Turkey (2002-2021)

Research Article 1821-1830 

Çövenoğlu, F.

Astrology Themed Ceramics in Medieval Islamic Art

Research Article 1831-1844 

Kalay, D.

Communicative Functions of Relative Clauses Extraposition in English

Research Article 1845-1851

Çelik, A.

The Scope of The Over-Compensation and Methods of Proving It

Research Article 1852-1866 

Ertok Onurlu, M. 

Does the Feminization-U Hypothesis Exist in the Commonwealth Countries?: Evidence from Panel Data

Research Article 1867-1880 

Tuzcuoğlu, T.

An Analysis of Investor Preferences on Investment Companies in Turkey with PCA and Clustering Approaches

Research Article 1881-1889 

Gürdal Pamuklu, A.

Variety of Typography Used in Film Titles and Its Effect on Film Content

Research Article 1890-1897 

Güner Kibaroğlu, G., Tosun, B., Yeloğlu, H. O.

Unpacking the Impact of Job Crafting on Job Performance: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Job Passion

Research Article 1898-1912 

Zorkun Çağlayan, N. H., Çövenoğlu, F.

QR Code as a Hybrid Bridge between Digital and Analog and Its Use in Ceramics

Research Article 1913-1923

 Özşen, D.

The "Severe Style" Period in Ancient Greek Sculpture: Bronze Sculpture

Research Article 1924-1939

Mermertaş , F., Karakan, H. İ.

The Perception of Travelers on Travel Booking Websites

Research Article 1940-1950  

 Demir, B.

Book Review: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Book Review 1951-1953

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