2023: 12(15)


Inner Cover (Indexing), Contents 2023 12(15)

Ergün, Ö. R., Dönmez, Ö.

A Review Study on Early Literacy Skills

Review Article 1954-1965

Almelek İşman, S., Dinçer, Y. S.,

Analysis of Visual Arts Teachers' Views on the Effects of Mythological Stories on Creativity

Research Article 1966-1981

İştar Işıklı, E., Can, A.

Structural Transformation in Employment Industry 4.0: The Situation of Female Employees

Research Article 1982-1994

Çırak, C.

Comparative Analysis of Two Ağır Semais in Makam Suzidil

Review Article 1995-2016

Cincioğlu, Ş ., Ergin, D. Y.

Evaluation of Peer Bullying towards Inclusion Students by Teachers

Research Article 2017-2027

Ateş , E., Aytekin, H.

The Art of Interpretation and the Hermeneutic Understanding as an Alternative to the Positivist Approach

Research Article 2028-2033

Coşkun, S. Y.

General Terms and Conditions from the Framework of the Competition Board’s Decisions

Research Article 2034-2055

Gültekin, T., Aladağ, E.

Hermann Nitsch's Work Analyzes in the Context of Evil

Research Article 2056-2064

Yavan, B., Kurtçu, E.

Folk Song Compilations by Ozan Tevhidi

Research Article 2065-2086

Şahin, M., Akkoy, S., Poyraz, M.

Alternative Agriculture Practice: Vertical Agriculture

Research Article 2087-2096

Kutlutürk, M. M.

A Bibliometric Analysis on Barriers to Innovation

Research Article 2097-2107

Dilik, M. B.

Social Media News, Sentiment Analysis and Differentiation of News Sources in Forecasting Financial Assets: BIST30 Example

Research Article 2108-2120

Yakşi, R. Güllüoğlu, H., Karaman, A., Yaprak, R., Çoban, S. 

Determination of the Positive and Negative Effects of Coeducational Education

Review Article 2121-2127

Yakşi, R. Güllüoğlu, H., Karaman, A., Erbatur, A. N., Çoban, S. 

The Contribution of Blended Education to the Development of Social and Emotional Skills: Approaches to Encourage Tolerance and Cooperation in Education

Review Article 2128-2135  

Bayraktar, N., Öğün, S. S.

On the Use of Color Names in Creating Place Names in Turkish

Research Article 2136-2142 

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