2015: 04(02)


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Lorcu, F., Erduran, G. Y.

The Impact Of Information Communication Technologies (Ict) On Health Indicators

Research Article 1-10

Yıldız, A.

Analysis Of Oil Well Drilling Costs In Different Locations With Pert-Cpm Project Planning Techniques

Research Article 11-22

Orçanlı, K., Oktay, E., Birgören, B.

A Survey Of Multivariate Control Chart Pattern-Recognition Literature

Research Article 23-42

Hamdullaoglu, Y. H., Ismayılov, N.

Econometric Evaluation Of The Impact Of Solar Activity On Demographic And Economic Indicators

Research Article 43-64

Kaya, Ş., Aytaç, M., Bayram, N.

Analysis Of The Relationship Between Vertigo, Anxiety And Somatosensory Amplification With Structural Equation Modelling

Research Article 65-75

Güriş, S., Büyükmumcu, B.

Natrex Model In Equalibrium Real Exchange Rate Forecast: Application Of Turkey

Research Article 76-95

Erpolat Taşabat, S., Cinemre, N., Şen, S.

Financial Performance Evaluation Of Turkish Deposit Banks By Application Of Different Weighting Techniques In Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods

Research Article 96-110

Bindak, R.

Proposal A Gravity Model For Predicting Internal Migration

Research Article 111-120

Taşseven, Ö., Çınar, S.

The Determinants Of Liability Dollarizaton And The Effects Of Dollarization On Macroeconomics Variables Inturkey

Research Article 121-141

Engeloğlu, Ö., Meral, I. G., Genç, K.

A Literature Review On The Causality Test Applications About Turkey

Research Article 142-154

Zainuddin, N. H., Lola, M. S., Shazrahanim Kamar, N.

The Performance Of Bb-Mcewma Model: Case Study On Normal & Non-Normal Data

Research Article 155-163

Lola, M. S., Shazrahanim Kamar, N., Zainuddin, N. H.

Development A New Concept Of Redemption Point Model Towards Genuine Profit Sharing

Research Article 164-175

Karaatlı, M., Ömürbek, N., Aksoy, E., Atasoy, M.

A Study On Multiple-Criteria Decision Making Techniques And Performance Evaluation

Research Article 176-186

Özmen, M., Baktemur, F. I.

Spatial Econometric Analysis Of Inflation Convergence

Research Article 187-194

Ozmen, M., Sanli, S.

Testing Long-Run Validity Of Purchasing Power Parity In Developing Countries By Using Seasonal Unit Root Test

Research Article 195-215

Sezen, H. K., Sert Eteman, F., Eren Şenaras, A., Kara, A.

Price Segmentation For Museum Revenue Management

Research Article 216-224

Yücekaya, A,

Evaluating The Energy Resources In Turkey Under Economic Growth And Increasing Energy Demand

Research Article 225-231

Hemşinli, E., Güneş, M.

Data Collection Methods In The Telecommunication Sector, New Approaches And Safety

Research Article 232-249

Zurnacı, C., Akgün, E., Karaöz, M.

Variance Decomposition Of Housing Premia And Rent Return Growth

Research Article 250-266

Parlakyıldız, F. M., Güvel, E. A.

Determinants Of Foreign Direct Investments: An Empirical Analysis On Middle Income Countries

Research Article 267-278

Albayrak, E. N., Gökçe, A.

Relation Between Economic Growth And Environmental Pollutant: Environmental Kuznets Curve And Turkey Case

Research Article 279-301

Arabacı, H., Çavdar, F.

Crisis And Development Of Financial Structure In Turkey After 1980

Research Article 302-307

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