2016: 05(01)


Inner Cover, Contents 2016 05(01)

Yıldız, E.

The Importance Of Women In Sustainable Development

Research Article 1-10 

Tekin, S., Yildiz, E.

The Relation Of Retail Sector Investment Strategies And Diversity With The Economic Development Within The Context Of New Economy: Thrace Example

Research Article 11-25 

Dinçer, S. E., Demir, E.

Solving Approach With Game Theory In Regarding Of Simultaneous Optimization Of Expectations Of The State And Smes In Overcoming Of Global Crisis Conditions

Research Article 26-49 

Saracel, N., Taşseven, Ö., Kaynak, E.

The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Motivation In Generation Y In Turkey!

Research Article 50-79 

Orçanli, H. B., Orçanli, K.

The Effects Of The Computer Based Geometry Teaching On Seventh Grade Students’ Achievement In Geometric Solids And On Students’ Self-Efficacy Towards Geometry

Research Article 80-97 

Doğan, E.

The Role Of National Culture On Entrepreneurship: An Assessment On The Entrepreneurial Culture Of Turkey

Research Article 98-110 

Çakir Zeytinoğlu, F., Uydaci, M., Çağlayan Akay, E., Değerli, B., Karabiyik Yerden, N. 

A Study On Shopping Malls In Istanbul: Cluster Analysis

Research Article 111-128 

Gülel, F. E., Tellioğlu, E.

The Ranking Of The Participating Teams In 2014 Fifa World Cup By Factor Analysis

Research Article 129-136 

Kaya, N., Baş, K.

For The Chidren Coming Or Brought To Safety Foundations With Multidimensional Scalling Analysis

Research Article 137-149 

Akyurt, I. Z.

Comparison Of Periodic Review Inventory Models Under Poisson Demand Distribution

Research Article 150-160

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